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"Gotta Go From Kidulthood to Adulthood"


This dress is beautiful!! The colour print pattern is hot, MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP SOON for those who are unsure what to get me ~_~ should use post as inspiration. (not even joking=])

Denim seems to be back but I am not buying in to it to tough but I really like the pink coloured fabric inserts on this. I want to make a jumpsuit with the same elements .

I kept from childhood a bronze turtoise jewellery holder, and stubling across this reminded me of it, I really really want this pendant. Its from Topshop , I am tempted to treat myself go and find it this week.

A cute side bag I saw, the intense ruffled green and the gold handle is what does it for me.

I think the bag above would have been perfect with this outfit. I also like the colourful hair accesory.

I love themed clothes, this has to be the best I have seen recently, lol yes I am going to implement this in to my D.I.Y projects.
Theme inspired clothes are the best. This has to be the cutest I have seen recently. lol VV seems to have my dream wadrobe, if could she kindly return it to me, it would be much appreciated.

This dress is a definate party hit, I've seen a picture of a girl in this and it looked just as amazingon her as it does VV!

The whole transtition to adulthood is becoming very apparent to me, I realised naturally that I let go of alot of simple things (cartoons) , which meant the world to me once upon a time so here is my childhood tribute.



The Joker from Batman

Batman & Robin (I would purchase this)

Kill Bill


Stumbled upon these fashion themed simpsons and I love the Simpson's even more so than I did before. THE SIMPSONS AT FASHION WEEK WOULD BE A GREAT EPISODE.

So unlike Marge, you would know if you watch the Simpsons

Lol I had to! I think this could be a hit, My msn dp lol alot people are fascinated by it=]

Learning from cartoons that men are feeble =] (no offense to anyone) the poof is here =c
I love when madge has costume changes!

Lol I adore Stewie, no nonesense smartass baby

The cutest.. Nuff said

Miss Piggy remains a cartoon fashion idol in my eyes

I grew up on Archie comics & Betty and Veronica, would love to collect them again. Better than all the rest, if you know about Archie and the gang then me and you go way back. Don't recommend the cartoon series versions that were tested, like Ayo says KISS; Keep It Simple Stupid .

Couple of the century, lol I owned a Minnie Mouse stuffed doll (miss it at times, =x dnt judge me!)

Errr Wassup Doc? , lol if you don't know about Bugs Bunny get to know!!!

Bam Bam and the other kid were really cute too, remind me of the current kid clothes ads, would be a great theme/ inspiration for trainers AND TEES.

The Flinstone, probably my all time favourite , haven't watched an episode in years but miss them greatly. lol perhaps it's the tribal theme that I connected with.

Lol I couldn't squeeze in a picture of Cow and Chicken, the most random cartoon ever, or Pocahantas , the prettiest cartoon heroine. lol THOSE WERE DAYS ... ~_~


  1. I am loving VV, and those pony's look awsome!

  2. I love the pony looks !!!and I love VV brown outfits !

  3. all the things here are great :--D


  4. Cool post! I love the green ruffly purse.

    Sorry, I actually haven't read Atonement. Thanks for reminding me to put it on my reading list.

  5. this is a cool post! love evrything in here the green clucth remind me to the ruffle clutch of forever 21 somehow.
    i looove the simpsons, maybe a bit too much
    but i grew up on donald duck comics. tee hee

  6. i love that bag thats is hot...your blog is banging too ... :)

  7. LOVE THIS POST...that girl is welll pretty..her style is live...yes man simpsons is the oneee!!!

    lol i changed my blog coz i got bored...



  8. Thanks to you i am now a huge fan of this girl and her fabulous hair and clothes. like wow, she rocks!

  9. -awh man, i used to love archie comics.
    i had like 400. saying that makes me feel like such a nerd.